06 July, 2010

Pulled muscle but scored a goal

Hola! Well the Spanish is going really well, i can pretty much understand people that are speaking to me in Spanish, and can usually form the sentences to reply to them. The Spanish has been coming amazingly fast, probably in part because i memorize about 40 words a day, so my vocabulary is increasing really fast. We have learned almost all of the tenses for conjugating, and now i can say most things that i want to.

I’ve been playing soccer here, and one of the times that i kicked it, i kicked too hard, and pulled a muscle (but it did score) Anyway, me being the competitive person that I am, I played with it like 4 more times, and now it hurts too bad to even try, because it started hurting when I am even walking now. Don't worry though, it's feeling better now, but I’m not going to be playing much more soccer for a while.

We had a fireside thing and Sis. Rasmussen (Aleni) played the piano for a musical number with some other people in her district. Oh, and i finally got her package to her, even though it took a while.

On July 4th, we had a devotional that night, until about 10 that talked about the founding fathers, and how they helped to restore the gospel, and then after that, we got to go outside and watch the fireworks from the stadium of fire, it's amazing how much every little thing out of the ordinary day here seems so cool. I can't believe I’ve already been here two weeks, it's crazy how slow and fast it goes by at the same time.

My companions and I had another TRC appointment, where we teach lessons, and contact people for practice. We had to go an hour earlier than we expected, so when we were contacting, my companions didn't know what to say, so i had to keep on coming up with questions to ask, and i was the only one who understood what she was saying, so i had to tell them after what she had said. After that though, we went and taught a lesson, and it was our best one we've done. I felt the spirit so strong, and this time i had the First Vision memorized, and as i recited it to the investigator i felt the spirit so strong that i started to tear up a little bit. I have been amazed at how much people in my district and zone just sit around and don't do anything during MDT time, because I always feel like I have so much to study, and so much that i can do. I know that as I use every second that I have in the mission, that the Lord has been blessing me greatly with the language and the spirit.

One thing i do like about my zone is that they do this thing after dinner where we all go and Hie to Kolob. We go in a room, and we just listen to someone play Hie To Kolob, and it is so relaxing, and brings the spirit a ton. The food here isn't fantastic, but i eat a ton, since i can't ever leave food on my plate.

I heard Paraguay lost, our teacher was giving us updates on the World Cup, so I knew what was going on. Too bad...

Tell Ali that Sarah Judd (I think that's her name) works here, she serves food, and one day she asked me if I knew Ali and Jeni, and she said that she played soccer with Ali I think.

Tell Taylor that the MTC has been fantastic, everyone says they can't wait till they get out of here, but I love it here, and even though I'm excited to get out in the field, I am enjoying my time here as well, so I’m not really counting down the days or anything. I'll try writing Taylor a letter in Spanish this week. I'm glad you guys enjoyed Trek though, sounds like lots of fun.

Gracias! I love you guys a ton, and I hope things are going well for all of you.

Love, Elder Ryan Griffin

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