29 July, 2010

The week is better when I can go to the Temple

Well nothing really exciting has happened the past two days, except we went to the TEC yesterday and talked with a brother who went to Paraguay on his mission. He told us we will have the castillano accent to an extent. We make the "j" sound when we say "y's" so in other words it would be pronounced "jo tambien" rather than "yo tambien." The double L however just makes the normal sound, so we don't have it nearly as weird as in Argentina. He also said it's so hot there, that we will probably be wearing hats when we are out tracting and stuff, he said it gets up to 120 degrees + whatever humidity.... Anyway, he said we'll be eating a lot of rice, not so many beans, a lot of yucca, and pretty much no fish. He also told us that the temple is right on the border of both the missions, so we will be able to go there during our mission. Iguassu falls is apparently in our mission, right on the border, but he said he doesn't know if we will be allowed to go see it or not. He said the place there is like outer darkness, but the people are celestial. He also gave us advice to teach about prospering, because the people down there have a hard time seeing how the gospel can help them unless it gives them free food or something.

We finally got to learn about the subjunctive tense yesterday in our class. Now i know every single tense there is, so now it's just a matter of learning how to use them all. Well other than that, nothing really new has happened. You guys will have to do some dear elders or something if you want longer emails, because i don't know what else to say...

Oh, i forgot to tell you guys that the temple finally opened back up down here this week. We got to go through and do a session this last Tuesday. It's amazing how much better the week goes when you can go to the temple.

Well I love you all, and I hope all is going well back home!

Elder Ryan Griffin

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