08 July, 2010

E-mail twice a week

So it turns out that i can email you guys on Thursdays too because we get our P-day cut short having to do a service project. I'm glad to hear that the FBI clearance stuff came, that was a lot sooner than i expected it to come. I guess the Lord really wants me to get out there in time and not waste time somewhere else. Well on Tuesday Robert K. Dellenbach of the Quorum of the 70 came and gave a devotional with his wife. He Talked about the book of Mormon and a bunch of other stuff. It was a really powerful talk, and he did really well. Yesterday we had more new elders coming in, and we got a new district in our zone, they are going to Nicaragua, and Guatemala. It's crazy that we aren't the new elders anymore, i feel like we're still the younger ones here. Well I heard Taylor is going to be coming in like an hour i think. They said Sis. Rasmussen can come and see him too, which will be nice. Yesterday we learned about how to use indirect and direct object pronouns, so now i can speak Spanish a little bit better. It's definitely coming along well, and I’m being able to form my own sentences now, although it is a little bit limited by my vocabulary. I keep on memorizing as many words as I can, and the Lord is definitely blessing me with a good memory to be able to remember things really easy.

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