13 July, 2010

Seeing my brother for 30 min. in 2 years

Well one of my companions and I decided we were going to email early today, so i am up in our computer lab instead. Is there any way you can try and send me the addresses off of face book that i told you about last week? I wanted to try and write some people today.... I'll be on this Thursday, so if you could send it by then

Well I heard that Spain won the world cup... I'm sure Ali was happy about that.

Seeing Taylor was really nice, I can't believe I got to talk to him for 30 minutes, and then after that we don't see each other for another 2 years. Thanks for sending the stuff with Taylor by the way, my razor was just about dead, so that was really helpful

Well the language is coming along really well, we've only been here 3 weeks and I'm already about caught up to an elder that has had 5 years of Spanish in high school before he came here. I can pretty much form the sentences that i want to, although it still takes a little longer than i would want to take to say something. I am getting a lot better at being able to hear what people are saying when they talk in Spanish to me, except i don't think i could understand anything that Taylor was trying to say to me when he came down here and started talking to me. Other than that though, my Spanish is getting better, and I keep on trying to add more detail, and stuff to my prayers and testimonies when i say them. We've learned present, future, preterit, imperfect, and conditional tenses, so i still have a bunch more to learn.

We started teaching the plan of salvation this week, which was kind of hard at first. It's really hard to try and simplify it down after all the things that we know about it. We taught it in the TRC yesterday and it went pretty good, but the lady that was there that we were teaching told us a story about her experience with the plan of salvation, because she had a near death experience, and the spirit was like way overwhelming, and all three of us were crying by the end, since we have all had grandparents that have died.
We have a Spanish tutor that we have gone to a couple times, just to go over some of the stuff in Spanish, and his name is hermano Clark, anyway, he was talking about Kenneth Cope, and then said something about his sister not making as much money off of singing as he does. We asked who his sister is, and apparently is Jessie Clark Funk.... which was kind of crazy. Anyway, in our district we keep on finding all these connections that we have, and i keep realizing how small of a world it is here. On Sunday we had a devotional... which they never tell us who is going to be there or anything, but we when there, and it ended up being Elder Dallin H. Oak's daughter. He and his wife were both there, and so that was pretty cool. Anyway, she has been playing the violin since she was like 4, and she has been playing and making CD's for a while now, and so she did the devotional, and she would talk about an experience, and then play a song on the violin for a little while. She was amazing, and had a piano accompanying her, but the spirit was way strong, and I think I learned more during that devotional than some of the other ones we have had. It's amazing how much music alone can teach and inspire you.

My leg is pretty much all the way healed now, I have been staying off of it for the most part this past week or so with just playing basketball instead of soccer.

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