22 July, 2010

8 bowls of ice cream

Well I'm glad to hear everyone is doing alright. Life here is still going really good. We just got another new district in our zone this week, so now we have 5 districts in our zone. Yesterday i played soccer for gym, and I ended up scoring three goals on the other team, but my team still lost, because our defense was doing terrible. The soccer is pretty fun, but sometimes there are way too many people, and there are too many people that think that it's football, and try to tackle people since they don't know what they're doing, and that always gets a little bit frustrating.

Every Wednesday they have ice cream for lunch and dinner, which is really nice, but yesterday they had some personal pizza things that were really good as well. During lunch, another Elder, Elder Herbert, and I decided to have a competition to see who could eat more ice cream before lunch ended. So after already eating a pizza, I ended up eating 8 full bowls of ice cream, and he ate about 5 and a half, because he kept putting ice cream under the bowls to try and win. Anyway, I felt a little bit sick after that, but somehow I kept it all in. I ended up not eating anymore during dinner, since it didn't even look remotely edible to me after eating 8 bowls earlier in the day.

Also last week our district played the younger district in volleyball, and we had our whole district, and they picked their six people, and barely won two out of three times. Anyway, they were talking about how they beat us, and so we decided we are going to have a rematch against them tomorrow, and we are going to just pick six people from our district so that we can actually beat them.

On another note, we had an English fast yesterday, which only lasted until about lunch or so; because so many people just end up going back to English, and then the rest of us don't just want to be speaking Spanish to them, so we usually just end it as well. We get to teach the first lesson in Spanish this week, which is definitely going to be interesting. It's going to be hard, since it's already hard enough to do it in English, but now we will be limited to being able to say the things we know in Spanish. I know that the Lord will help us know what to say though, as long as we study, and do all that we can do.

Well on Tuesday I ended up writing and sending out 7 letters to people, so that was fun writing tons of letters. Also the laundry is a lot less stressful now, for some reason the first week we were here, it was like way packed, and just stressful trying to get everything done.

Did you guys get the letter I sent with the checks in them? I'm hoping so, because I sent them Tuesday, so they should be getting there pretty soon.

I haven't heard anything about my visa yet, but I’m sure it will be here pretty soon.

Well, anyway, the Spanish is going well, the food is pretty good, and I am feeling pretty healthy (besides yesterday after eating all the ice cream). I hope all is still going well back home, I love you all, and I'll talk to you again on Tuesday.

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