01 July, 2010

Need Socks

Hola! The MTC has been really good. The first day was really long, but now the days are seeming a lot less long as i get used to them. I have two companions, yes a threesome, and there names are Elder Beckett and Elder Nelson. We have a district of 11, 7 of which are going to Paraguay, and 4 going to Argentina. Elder Richards is not even in my district, and there is another 8 in a different district that are going to the same mission. I've seen and talked to Aleni (my cousin) a couple times, but i haven't had a chance to get her the stuff, seeing as i can't carry it around everywhere i go. I'm learning Spanish pretty fast, i can say my prayers, get to know people, introduce ourselves, bear my testimony, and share a message so far. I've learned probably 200 words + since I’ve been here. Well i guess my blessing was correct with the fact that Jeni will have more trials...... just remind her that she needs to keep her faith strong, and tell her i will be praying for her. I heard that US lost and i hope Paraguay can win. I do need some things that i don't have.. i need the yellow card that has my immunization stuff on it, my razor charger, a backpack, some postage stamps, and some more gym socks (we have gym 5 times a week, and i only have 3 pairs).

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