21 June, 2011

Senior Companion

Hola familia, Well we had changes. Like I told you elder Watson went as a zone leader, and I got a new companion. I'm now senior companion, my companion has 3 months less in the mission than I do. I think I was the last one in my group to become senior comp. my comps name is elder King. He is from Logan Utah. So far he has been a really good companion. We are getting along really well. It's wierd being senior comp now, becuase I have to direct everything now. We had a good week though for the most part last week. We taught 47 lessons, and found 15 new investigators. Unfortunately we didn't have anybody come to church, and hardly even had the members come. We only had 15 members in total that actually came to church. Sorry I couldn't write yesterday, we ended up having P-day today, so that we could go to the temple. We ended up going to the temple finally today, which was awesome. It was really cool going through this time now that I understand the Gospel more. It all took on a whole new meaning for me. It was also really cool being able to watch it in Spanish, and actually be able to understand it all this time. It was also nice to be able to think about the mission and everything, since I am at the point of 1 year now. It really made me think a lot about the mission, and what I want to complete for the last year of my mission. We taught a lesson to a guy in English this week. He has a house in Chicago, but he also lives here in Acahay. We taught him in English, which was really weird. I couln't teach very well, becuase I don't think in English very well now. It weird how much English I have already lost. I had to translate a lot of things into Spanish from English...... I never thought I would get to that point. It was a really interesting lesson, because he actually wasn't as ignorant as most people here, so he actually has some really interesting questions for us. We had a good lesson, and we are going to try and teach him again. Our branch is having some problems. The members, a lot of them, aren't progressing. They are just sinning, and don't really care. There are a lot that get help from the church, and then they go and sell the stuff that they got from them. We are trying to help the people realize that they can't keep living like that, but we definitely haven't seen a whole lot of change so far. A lot of our investigators aren't really progressing, so we have had to look for a lot of new people in this week. We found a lot of really good people that are going to progress. I still have to get a lot better at teaching though, because now that I'm senior comp, I can't really rely on my companion so much. I just always have so many more thing that I have to imporve as a missionary. It's a good and bad thing I guess. My old comp, Elder Gutierrez is now my zone leader in zone 6. I told him we have to do divisions some time, so that we can teach together again, but I don't know if they can actually do it or not. Well that's about all I can remember from this week. I'll talk to you next monday. Love you all tons. Oh, and happy fathers day!!!! two days ago anyway. -Elder Ryan Griffin

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