14 June, 2011

I get to stay in Acahay

Hola Familia, Well this was a good week, with some ups and downs. We baptized two of the four people; the other family is on hold for now. I got my package, thank you tons. Roberto and Brigida- They got baptized on Saturday. It was nice and cold in the water, but not too bad. I baptized Roberto and my companion baptized Brigida. My comp had to baptize her twice because she didn’t go all the way under the first time he did it. They also got confirmed on Sunday, and are now on the journey. Nestor and Mercedes- During the interview, I was in another area, but apparently he decided that he doesn’t know if he wants to marry her yet, so now we need to keep working with them to see what we can do there. I went to AsunciĆ³n with one of the Zone Leaders, and there I got to take my package back, everything was in good shape, they didn’t throw it in water or anything this time. Thank you for sending that…. I forgot how good beef jerky and those peanuts are because they have nothing like it here. Well the changes are coming up this Wednesday, and we´ll know by tonight what is going to happen for sure. I already know that I am going to stay in Acahay, and my comp is going. Last night at like 930 the president called and talked with my companion. He is going as a zone leader, but we don’t know where or anything. That means I know I am going to stay here in this area, so now it will just be a matter of who I’m going to be with. We had a good week overall. We taught a lot of lessons, but the only problem is that we didn’t end the week with a baptismal date. We had one investigator come to church, but we just have to be able to talk to a couple of the investigators a little bit more to see what’s going on with them. We have a lot of potential still in the area, now I just have to take control of the area since my comp is leaving. Also I got some more music with a pen drive that I bought, so don’t worry about sending more music, I think I have enough now. I would still like if you could send me more pictures of the family, but you could do that by a letter or something like that. Thanks for everything. I am always praying for you. Thank you for your love and support. Elder Ryan Griffin

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