28 June, 2011

One year left

Hola familia, Well in response to your email, Elder King is from the island part right next to the campus, and he went to Logan High. I just purchased more garments in the temple when we were there, so I'm good on those. Also, yes I got some more shoes, they´re not fantastic, but they will work for now. My shirts are all still good, besides the fact that they aren't exactly white now, but other than that they are good. Well this has been a nice cold week here in Paraguay. Yesterday was quite cold, I didn't think I would need the thermals that you sent me, but I actually have been having to use them. It may not appear so cold looking at the temperature, but it is so humid here in Paraguay that the temperature that you feel is a lot colder than what it says. They also have to insulation in the houses, so we have to bundle up good to not freeze at night. We had a kind of crazy week this week. After we went to the temple, we started the week off really well. Then on Saturday and Sunday, we aren't quite sure what happened. We are working as hard as we can, but the past two days we ended up walking a lot. We got rejected almost by every single appointment that we had set, and even the houses we were knocking on weren't accepting us. We still ended up with 33 lessons on the week, and still found 15 new investigators, the problem is that the most important indicators, Attendance to the church, and progressing were both zero. We had 6 with fecha on Saturday, but on Sunday morning it was freezing cold when we woke up. We got to the chapel first, and only the president and Hna CaƱete(and her 2 daughters) and Hna Dora came. We only had 7 people in church, including Elder King and I. I know these people here are poor, and that it is a sacrifice for them to come to church when it is cold, but only 5 out of more than 40 members actually came..... We were a little bit frustrated. Also a bunch of investigators said they were going to come, but also didn't show up to church. We can't really blame them since the members didn't even come. We went to the house of one of the members on Sunday after church, and she just started complaining about the cold, and then started critizising rich people saying that they never have to make sacrifices or anything. She started saying that we have too much money and that we never have to sacrifice anything. Then she started talking bad about our mission president and his wife saying that they have never had to make a sacrifice in their life. Saying that they are wallowing in their riches while everyone here is suffering. Well needless to say, I didn't like someone talking about my mission president like that, so we shared some scriptures with them. First I shared with them Jacob 2:18 that says that we shouldn't seek the riches, but the kingdom of God, telling her that it doesn't matter how much money we have, the commandments still apply to us. Then we shared one from thesalonians that says that Jesus Christ will come like a robber in the night, and asked them if Christ had come today, would you have been ready to meet him. UNfortunately they just have hardened their hearts here, and they justify not going to church as that they are poor. They say that God will understand their circumstances..... We are just facing a lot of problems with the branch, the majority of them don't want to change, and it is a constant fight to try and help them. We are going to keep doing everything that we can to save the branch, but we can't make anybody change by force. Unfortunately they have their agency, adn they don't use it in the correct way. I'm worried that they are going to pull us out of here again if things don't start changing in the branch. Well I love you guys tons, and I'll talk to you next week. Thank you for all you do. Elder Ryan Griffin

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