31 May, 2011

Families working toward eternity

Hola familia, Well this week has been a good week for the missionary work. We have 5 investigators with baptismal dates for the 11 of June. 4 of them attended church, and are progressing very well. We also found 15 new investigators in the week, so we are seeing a lot of the hand of god in our work. We had 10 of the 30 people that went to church as investigators. Roberto- We have been teaching Roberto for a while now, and he has a date for the 11. He is a Mennonite…. I think that’s what it´s called, some religion I don’t know anything about. He is about 40 or so. We are teaching him and his wife, but for now she is for some reason not wanting to get baptized with him. Anyway, we set the date with him, and he is very ready to be baptized. He is reading the book of Mormon, and has progressed a lot since we have been teaching him. We are going to be focusing more on his wife after he is baptized so that we can help her also be baptized. Nestor and Mercedes- They are a family that we are teaching as well. They are both younger, and are not married. They want to be married and baptized. The problem is that she doesn’t have her birth certificate (cedula in Spanish) and so we have to help her get that before she can get married. Also Nestor has problems with drinking; his “friends” that he works with always invite him to drink. We are trying to help him leave it behind so that he can be baptized. Santo and Graciela- They are another family that we are teaching that went to church this Sunday. They are progressing really well, and are reading the Book of Mormon. We have the same date for them as the others, and we just need to teach them the rest of the lessons to get them ready for their interviews. They have six children, some of which are his, and others hers. The three youngest ones came with them to church this last week. We are also teaching a family of Paola and Jorge. We haven’t been able to talk to Jorge very much because he is always tired when he comes back from his work. We have taught Paola like 4 times now. She is reading the Book of Mormon, and prayed about it. She told us that she knows it is true, and that she wants to be baptized. We have to talk more with Jorge now, because they have to get married first, and we want them to get baptized together. We are also teaching the boyfriends of two members. I say boyfriends because they live together, and they aren’t married. We are trying to talk the men into getting married so that the members can stop living in sin. So all in all, we are being able to teach a lot of families right now, which is exactly what the branch needs right now. If we can baptize all the families we are teaching we might actually have a real branch here. We are pretty much working with the people that will be the future branch presidents, and elders quorum presidents in the branch. It’s quite the adventure working in an area where the church is still so young, because the church just doesn’t work the same as it does in the states. There are a lot of problems, but we are slowly getting rid of the things that are wrong, since we are the only ones here that actually understand how the church is supposed to work. Well, I love you guys tons, and hope that all is going well with you guys. Thank you for your prayers, and your faith. If there is one counsel I can give you it would be to READ YOUR SCRIPTURES. If there is one thing I have seen in the mission, it’s that the people that read there scriptures are much stronger in the church. Well Love you tons, Elder Griffin

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