05 May, 2011

Mother's Day Call

Well we didn't have changes, me and Elder Watson stayed together. Elder Watson is now the district leader though, so that was the only change that we saw. So we heard something about Osama Bin Ladin being killed. Apparently there is a little bit of danger in some places for the missionaries because of it. We now can't speak in English in the streets, and we can't tell people that we are American. Kind of crazy. I tried some pig liver for the first time this week. Not really a do again. It isn't terrible, but I can definitely see why we don't eat it in the United States. This last week we walked probably 40 kilometers, which would be about 25 miles or so I believe. We have a wierd area, so we have to walk a lot to be able to go find people. We are finding good people though. We have a baptismal date for a girl of 9 years for the 14th, and then of a family on the 21 of this month. Also we are finding more and more people who are ready to be baptized. I've been really amazed to see the difference in the way I feel with a companion that actually uplifts me. I feel so much happier and closer to the spirit now with our companionship, and I feel like I am progressing a lot more now. Well I don't have a lot of time today, because we were trying to figure some stuff out. I'll talk to you on Saturday though, so I will be waiting your call. Love you guys tons! TTYL Elder Griffin

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