17 May, 2011

Swimming with the Croc's

Well this week was a rollercoaster week I would have to say. We started out the week really well. We found 17 new investigators in the week, and 5 of them were families. We have a lot of potential of having a lot of baptisms now. We taught 38 lessons in the week, and of course had a baptism and a confirmation. Early in the week, we had to do divisions with the zone leaders to do the interview of Yessica. I was with one of the zone leaders in our area, and my companion with the other in an area called Itá. The next morning we had to go there to end the divisions. There is a lagoon in there area, that has crocodiles in it. There are like parks around it and everything, kind of weird. Anyway, we were sitting there on a bench waiting for my companion and the other Elder, and we saw a weird thing happen. Some guy just went on the dock, took off his shirt and pants (yes he had underwear on fortunately) and he stood up on the railing for a second, and then jumped off. He swam (quite slowly) to the other side of the lagoon, and was just shouting and stuff. He was definitely high on drugs or something, but it made for an interesting day for sure. During the week we found one family that attended church this Sunday. They have a baptismal date for the 28th of May. They still have to be married, and then baptized, but we are really excited for them. We also talked to a somewhat recent convert (Dora) in the ward about the law of Chastity, of which she had no idea. She is currently living with a man(Fabio, the one that beats her), that is the father of one of her children. She asked us what she can do so that she can live the commandments, and we told her she needs to ask God, but that she needs to separate, or get married. It has to be one or the other. She ended up talking to him, and he is actually progressing and that he is going to come to church this next Sunday. We are also teaching the cousin of Liliana still, who used to be very snakish. We taught her, and she has changed completely, and is progressing a lot. She had a baptismal date, but she didn’t come to church, so it fell. We found another family, Santo and Graciela, that are really good. We have only been able to teach them once, but Santo told us on Saturday that he would come to church if it didn’t rain. We were expecting that he would be like all the others that always tell us that, but he actually did end up coming. We talked to him, and he told us that right now his wife is really sick, and needs blood transfusions, and so she couldn’t go. He told us that they want to be baptized, but that we will have to start teaching them the rest once she is better. On Saturday, it was raining in the morning. We had the baptism for the morning, but ended up having to postpone it until the afternoon. When we were about to leave to go do it, it started raining again. We said a prayer that it wouldn’t rain so that we could do the baptism, and once we got up off our knees, it had stopped. On Sunday our branch president didn't come to church, so we had to direct and teach everything. We are having a lot of potential of baptisms in the area. In reality God has blessed us with many miracles while we have been here. I have seen a big change in my own desires lately in this month. I told you about the 40 day fast that I am doing, and it really is making a big difference. I feel the spirit more in my life. i just feel more.... happy. I can't really explain it, but I really jsut feel a greater desire to share the gospel with the people here, and help them in their lives. The mission really is such a great exerience, I can't believe how much different my feelings toward my savior are after just 11 months in the mission. I love you guys, and Am so greatful for your support. I am so thankful to have such great parents that always taught me the right things to do. I am so grateful for the plan of God that allows us to be together forever. Thank you soooo much for all you have done, and are doing for me. I am forever greatful to you as my parents. Love, Elder Griffin

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