15 March, 2011

Trunky companion

Hola familia, ¿Que tal? Well this week has been a little bit rough again. I am just ready to get a change finally in a week. The problem is that my companion is more and more trunky every day, and has less and less desire to work in the day. I honestly feel like I am companions with Satan sometimes.... He is just really negative, and it makes it hard to stay positive. Not to mention the fact that we can't keep investigators for more than a week, so we have to walk around looking for pèople a lot. Anyway, I am still trying to keep going and finish out this change, but it has definitely been a trial. I have been kind of down with the fact that I have only had 1 baptism in three changes with a companion that is so challenging. this week though I have really realized that I have been with him for a reason, and that even though I haven't had a whole lot of fruits in the changes, I have definitely planted a lot of seeds. I have been reading Jesus the Christ a lot, and I read about the parabol of the (sembrador?) I'm not sure what it is in English. Anyway, it's the one about the 4 types of soil where the seeds fall. I've been thinking a lot that as missionaries we are the planters of the seeds, but we can't choose the type of soil, nor can we force the tree to grow. All we can do is do our part to nourish it, and have the faith that it will grow to bear fruits. Although I haven't seen a whole lot of fruits yet during my mission, I honestly feel like I am working as hard as I can to plant the seeds and nourish them. I have done all of my part to help the people, and maybe my roll as a missionary isn't as much a harvester, but rather a planter of the seeds. Although it has been hard working so much without seeing many fruits, I know that the Lord is testing my faith, and that as long as I keep working, the Lord will do what's best. Although my faith has failed many times during these changes, and I have felt negative at times, I know that I just need to keep moving forward, and be the best missionary I can be. This week the weather has been changing a little bit, it's finally cooling down slowly. It makes it a lot easier to work when it's a little bit colder, because I don't sweat so much. I have gained a little bit of weight, I'm now at 160 or so, about 20 pounds in one year.... not too bad. Pretty much all my pants are a little tight aroung the waist now, but don't worry, I'm not really fat, I'm just not skinny now. I am still the same height, my hair is a little lighter colored now, and my skin.... well not so much. Pretty much all of my clothes are in pretty good shape, the shirts aren't exactly white now, but they aren't too terrible yet. My Spanish, after 5 changes with only Latinos, as you can imagine is getting pretty much fluent now. I actually have to use easier words in the lessons now, because the people here don't speak very well. There are about 3 Americans to 1 Latino in the mission, so it's a good chance that I won't be with another Latin this next change, but I just hope that I get somebody that actually wants to work. The mission has gotten a little bit more strict now. They want us to already be out on the streets at 10 (so without Language Study, even though in Preach my Gospel it says we should study it every day) and they told us we only have 20 minutes to eat, and 10 minutes to share a message with the people. They want us to count every second of the day that our "line is in the water," or in other words whenever we are talking to people. I understand their purpose in doing it, but I think it's kind of wierd to be timing our contacts and our lessons..... Anyway, it's kind of tough sometimes, because the president gives us rules sometimes that are against what it says in Preach My Gospel, and I want to be obedient, but I don't know which one I should follow. Preach my gospel is from the apostles, but it also says that we should obey the president..... kind of a tricky situation.... Well, anyway, wish Taylor a happy Birthday for me, since I won't be able to talk to you guys till the 24. I love you guys, and I hope that all is well in the house. I'll talk to you in a week and a half. -Elder Griffin

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