24 March, 2011


Well it has been a good week. Thank you for your prayers on my behalf. On Monday last week I was feeling a little bit fevered on the p-day. The next day I woke up with muscle pains in my back and legs, and a splitting headache. I took my temperature, and it was at 101. We went to the district meeting and I felt even worse when we got back. I was kind of frustrated with other things, and got a little bit down. I knew it says in my Patriarchal blessing that I would be protected from sickness and injury so that my work won't be inturrupted, so I was starting to wonder why i was getting sick so much. I decided to get down on my knees, and ask heavenly father that he could help me through it, and that I would be able to work. We went out after lunch, and went to a couple of appointments. It was hot and I was still feeling sick. Then we had planned to go to a young man that we had contacted a while ago, and we found him in his house for the first time. We taught him the first lesson and set a baptismal date with him. After the lesson, I felt completely fine, no headache or anything. I know that it was a miracle, and that the Lord was waiting for me to put his faith in him. Had I decided not to go out and work, we probably never would have found or talked to him, and I would have still been sick. It really helped me strengthen my faith, and have more trust in the Lord. The next Tuesday we recieved the changes. I left El Alto, and I'm now in an area called Acahay, which is an area that has been closed for a while now. So I got sent to open an area, and my companion is Elder Watson who has 1 year 3 months in the mission. He is from California, so my first American companion, finally! The town we are in is literally in the middle of nothing. There is just forest and fields surrounding our area. We didn't know any of the members, nor where the house was or anything for that matter. The only thing they gave us is the number of the district leader here. They sent us off on a collectivo, after waiting for 3 hours in the terminal, and went on a bus for 3 more hours. We got off the bus and luckily we were right by a taxi stop. We got in a taxi, and after 45 minutes of driving around found our house. We unpacked a little bit, and then went out to work at 3 or so. We only had a big map, so we couldn't bring it with us, and had to just wing it. We called the district leader who gave us the number of a member that lives here. We called them, and miraculously found their house. We talked with them a little bit, and then she sent her son to show us some other people in the area. We met a couple other members, and one of them told us that her sisters boyfriend has gone to church and wants to be baptized. We went over to that house, and taught them a lesson, and set a baptismal date. He has already attended twice, and they want to be married. She is a member, and he wants to be baptized. He has already read almost all of Principles of the Gospel, because he didn't have a Book of Mormon. We then went to a less active family that have a daughter, and a friend that both want to be baptized. We literally were guided in the day by the spirit, considering the fact that we knew absolutely nothing about the area. We had a great first day, and then returned to the house after buying some stuff to cook. The office gave us a new refrigerator, which was nice. Unfortunately our oven they gave us doesn't work, so we thought about using the microwave. Well, unfortunately they also didn't give us anything to use in the oven. All we have is a microwave, a pot, some utincels, two plates, and 1 glass (they broke the other 3). Anyway, I got the package with the changes, and so needless to say, I have been living off of the cookies for a day now, because we can't cook anything. Thank you for sending the package..... with like 15 cookies. They gave us old matresses, and mine is terrible, and it was hard to sleep. We have no airconditioning, the heater in the shower is broken..... well pretty much everything they gave us is broken, or at least really really old. Regarless I know that everything will work out, and the Lord will help us with what we need. My companion is awesome, he is obedient, and happy. I feel like I have gone from one end of the spectrum to the other with companions. All the sudden I am more happy, and feel a lot better about the work. I am excited to work in this area, and know that the Lord will help us with whatever we need. I haven't taken any pictures yet, but I will try and send some by the next p-day. I love you guys, and hope that all is going well in the house. I hit 9 months in the mission yesterday.... I can't believe how fast the time goes by in the mission. I'll talk to you guys on Monday, and let you know how it's going in the area.

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