08 March, 2011

Serving the Lord or serving time?

Hola familia, Well this week has still been hard, but it went a lot better than the last week. Well my companion is just getting more and more lazy, because at this point he only has 100 days left. I talked to him about everything, and he has pretty much just said: "sorry, but I am just worn out from the mission, and I don't have any more energy. I have no desire to be working out here anymore, so I am just going to follow you." Well regardless it has been hard, because if I suggest that we go out right after lunch or anything, he just gets mad, and tells me that he is going to rest for a little while. It has been frustrating, and I don't really want to try to call the leaders, because that will just make it so we are both mad at each other. Anyway, it has been a battle, but I guess they say that every misisonary has a part of their mission that is a "gethsemani," well I'm pretty sure these three changes have been mine. I definitely has been a trial, but at the same time I have learned a ton from having to pretty much be the senor companion. It has been a tough 4 months, but at the same time I think I've grown a lot in the trials. On Sunday, after our lunch appointment, my companion wanted to go back to the apartment and sleep. I was tired, and had a headache, but I didn't want to waste our time. I told him we are going to go to a part of the area, and he got all mad at me, and we got in an argument. Needless to say, he tells me that I am a dog, and that I just want to please the president, and that I just wanted to get more numbers. It's honestly like trying to convince a brick wall with him. He does not understand the concept of doing what God wants us to do, and doing it for the right reason.... I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I've been trying to help him understand that the obedience isn't for the president, or to get more numbers, that we should do it to help the people more.... but we're still at a stand still with it all. We have two more weeks in the change, and it's almost for sure that I will go, because I already have 4 changes in the area, and three with him. I honestly feel bad for him, because I want to help him, but it has just been tough trying to get him to change his view. The biggest problem is, that he thinks the mission is just come out here, and "stand it" for 2 years, and then God will bless you. He has the concept of serving time, instead of the Lord. Well on the good side of things, we found 12 new investigators this week that we can now teach this week, and hopefully we can find some fore this week as well to be able to have people to teach. Also Fernando is doing really well now, he recieved the priesthood, and is now a priest. He also got assigned a companion for home teaching, and is excited to do it. His family has been a little bit harder. We haven't really seen a whole lot of progress there, but we have a family home evening with them tonight, so we are hoping we can help soften their hearts. Our ward got a new second councilor..... because the old one, a return missionary, fell away, and is now drinking and smoking. We went yesterday on divisions with the 1st and 2nd concilors and taught some less-actives, and some investigators. We are seeing a little bit more help from the ward now, and we hope we can start seeing even more. Well, I love you guys tons. I hope everything keeps going well with you all, and I'll talk to you next week. -Elder Ryan Griffin

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