01 February, 2011

A sink and micro in the bedroom

Well sorry about the Spanglish, I don't even notice it now, but I have definitely seen a decline in my grammer in English and everything. It's hard because I pretty much speak Spanish all the time now, and so it is difficult to speak in English already. About the apartment, well we have a kitchen.... kind of. It is all just one room, so in our bedroom, we have a sink and a stove and microwave.... it's not too bad, but it's a little weird for sure. We don't have airconditioning yet, and it is pretty hard to sleep, because it is still so hot in the nights (in the 80's-90's). I think God is really just trying to teach me patience with everything. I really am so ready to get a change of companions..... we have 1 week and a half left in this change fortunately, and I'm guessing I'll be leaving the area. It really is just so hard sometimes getting along with my companion, because he just wants to be disobedient, and tries to just make me mad every day. It's also a little frustrating, because in the companionship inventories, I tell him to stop doing something, and he just does it worse to make me angry. Every night he calls and talks to another Latino, and him and my comp talk about us behind our backs. I really have been trying to just be patient, but I've really just been getting so frustrated. It kind of feels like carrying around a 200 lb sack of bricks around all day long in the 100 degree weather. I don't really understand why there are so many latinos that just have no desire to work. It's like my companion came here to have a vacation, and realized it was too hard. But yeah, anyway I have definitely seen the blessings of the Lord in the work for trying to stay obedient, and do the right things. Well besides that, this week has been pretty good. We didn't find a whole lot of people in their homes this week, and we have lost a lot of investigators. On Tuesday a member invited a guy to mutual night, and he actually came. We taught him, and gave him a Book of Mormon to read. We tried to find his house on Saturday to teach him again, but to no avail. We were thinking we were probably never going to find him again. On Sunday however, he came to church by himself. I talked to him (because my comp was with our other investigators) and he had read 17 chapters in the Book of Mormon. I asked him if he had prayed, and he said yes, and that he felt really different. He also told me that he felt something different in our church, that he had never felt before. I explained to him that it is the spirit. He also asked me "If this is the true church, why is there not very many people?" Good question huh? Anyway, we had a class with him, and I taught him the Restoration with a member present. At the end I invited him to be baptized, and he said yes. At the end he said, "well I never thought I would one day be a Mormon, but I guess I won't be, I'll be in the Church of Jesus Christ." I think it is one of the first investigators I have had that has understood everything so well. He has a date for the 19th, probably after I leave, but it has been a testimony builder to see that there really are people who are being prepared by the Lord to be baptized. Also Fernando came to church again. He has a date for this Saturday, and has a strong testimony. When we started teaching him, the rest of his family didn't want to listen, due to some rumors that they have heard (I.E. that we are here to steal there water, that we are American spies, that we take pictures of baptisms and sell them in the US.....). Anyway, his sister came to church with him this Sunday, and his family is starting to talk to us a little bit more now, so we are hoping that we can start teaching the family as well. We have already taught him all the lessons, and now we just have to have the interview. Well other than that, not too much has happened lately. I Love you all, and hope all is going well with you. I will talk to you in another week and a half (because of changes on the 9th) Hasta luego, cuidense! -Elder Ryan Griffin

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