25 January, 2011

A new apartment but with no kitchen

Well this week has been..... interesting. Like I told you last week, we had to go and look for a house on our P-day this week. Two elders from the office cme to look with us (because they have a different p-day). My companion went with the elder that had the car, and I went with the other on foot. We walked around for 4 hours looking for a house..... and only looked at houses that we had already seen, that don't have a kitchen or anything. After 4 hours they finally let us go, and then we had to go get our hair cut, buy food, and do a couple other things, and then we had to go out to proselyte again. Anyway, we had a whole 30 minutes to actually rest in the day, and so I pretty much went 13 solid days without rest. To make things even better, the financiero (accountant?) called us on Thursday to tell us they are going to move us into one of the houses that doesn't have a kitchen, but that they are going to put a sink in. They told us they were going to come by at 1 on Friday, so we packed up all our stuff, and were waiting at 1 on Friday to move. We waited until about 2 and called him, to have him tell us, "oh sorry, I forgot to tell you guys that we're going to move you on Saturday..... finally on Saturday we moved into our new house, which has no kitchen, just a sink. It is just one big room, and a bathroom. It has a fan, but no airconditioning, the window has a broken lock, so you can open it from outside, and best of all, we live next to a drunk guy. The first night sleeping there, they were blasting music until about 12 at midnight, to say the least, I hardly got any sleep, and with the fact that it is burning hot here without airconditioning. Anyway I am annoyed with the whole thing because we recieved all the blame for the situation, even though we were looking for a house for a while before. I feel like the office elders handled the situation quite poorly, and just wanted to pass the blame on us. Anyway, with everything that happened, I have really seen the hand of the Lord in the work this week. One, I don't know how I had enough enery to make it through the week, but I know that the Lord blessed me in every day of the week to have just enough energy to get to the end of the day. Also this week, we got 40 lessons, which is significantly better than our usual, as well as that, we found 21 new investigators. I have really seen the fruits of the work, and the blessings of the lord in this week, and although I probably only have 3 weeks in this area, I am happy that I can leave the area behind better than when I got here. We had Fernando, a newer investigator come to church this week. He has a date for the 5 of February, and is progressing a lot. We have already taught him all the 3 lessons, and we are starting to teach him the commandments now. Ramón, the atheist that we have been teaching for a while now has kind of fallen now. We went by his house, and he has prayed three times to know if the Book of Mormon is true, and still doesn't feel like he has had an answer to his prayers. We have literally tried just about everything with him, and I have no idea what more we can do. I am constantly praying to be able to know how we can help him, and we are still trying to help him gain his testimony. Something that I have been trying really hard to work on in this week is pacience. It is something that before, I thought I had a lot of, but here I am realizing that I lack a lot of pacience. I have just been getting really frustrated with my companion, he is just really lazy sometimes, and doesn't really like being obedient very much. It really has taken a ton of pacience being with him, because he just doesn't listen to me when I tell him that he should stop doing something. Anyway, I've jsut been trying to show more love to him, and be more pacient, and he has actually started being more obedient, and wanting to work more. It really has changed the work here so much now that we are getting along better. It still is taking a lot of pacience being with him, but I'm guessing we will only be together 2 more weeks or so. Also I have been getting really frustrated with the members here, because we set days to have them come with us, and they always come up with a last minute excuse. I still need to keep working on my pacience with them, and like you said, remind them of their covenants to help us as misionaries. This last week, of our 40 lessons, only 4 were with a member.... the POS is 17. Anyway I really have seen a lot of blessings of the lord in the work as of late, and although I haven't had a ton of baptisms, I feel like I am doing all that I can do to be obedient, and work in the way that the Lord wants me to. I love you all, and hope that you have a fantastic week. Well, I'll talk to you next week. Love you tons! -Elder Ryan Griffin

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