03 January, 2011

Rain, Rain and more Rain....

Alright, if you want to send other stuff, maybe some shoe goo would be nice, I don't know if you sent the little brush for my razor yet, because I still haven't gotten the package.

Well this has been a pretty good week. Sorry that we wrote a little earlier this last p-day, we just come and use the internet whenever is the most convenient, and I thought you guys usually write the night before. After all of that we went to the church and played some ping-pong for like 2 or so hours, and then went back to the house and left for the day. On Friday we had our weekly planning, and then went out to our luch appointment. During the lunch appointment, it started pouring rain, and we got stuck there. While we were there, I realized I had forgotten my nametag, and somehow nobody else had noticed. We had to go drop off our laundry, so we started going over to the house while it was still pouring. While we were walking, my umbrella popped up, and completely broke from all the wind. Anyway, I got soaked going there, and then coming back, then we went to the house to get my nametag. It started raining harder when we got there, and it was new years eve, so there was nobody home anyway. We stayed in the house until it slowed down, and then finally went out. We went by the same member’s house for dinner, which was the same dinner we ate for christmas eve. We got back to the house, and stayed up until 12 or so for the new year. At about 12 or so there were just all sorts of fireworks, firecrackers, and whatever else going off. I took a video of it, but i can’t send it by email, so I’ll have to send it in a cd or something. Anyway, it was just a bunch of loud popping and everything, and didn’t stop until about 12:30 or so. Then we finally went to bed.

On New Years day we went out to work like usual. My companion's parents told him that they were going to call him at 5, so we went to the church to wait for their call. After 50 minutes of waiting we had to have some other elders call them on their phone, and his mom just said that she isn't going to be able to call him.... anyway we went back out and set a baptismal date with another investigator. We had 3 set on Saturday. We had a member set up to go pick up one, and wse went for another, and the other told us he would come by himself. We went to look for the one, and he wasn't in his house, the one that the member went to, also wasn't at home. We got to the church, and about 10 minutes later, sure enough the other investigator came, and all by himself. He stayed throughout the entire 3 hours, and is progressing a ton. His name is Ramon, the one that used to be atheist. Anyway, he has a date for the 22 of this month, and I think he is going t keep it.

We are still living with six elders in one apartment, which is quite crammed. We still haven't had any apartments open in our area, at least not that we know of. We don't exactly go apartment hunting right now, because I don't like wasting time doing that. Anyway, hopefully we can find an apartment soon, so that we don't have to keep living like this, but we'll see what happens. Well, my time is up, I love you guys and hope you had great holidays. I'll let you know once i get my package. Love you all, I'll talk to you later.

-Elder Ryan Griffin

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