28 May, 2012

Rain, Rain go away, come back in July

Well, this week has been pretty interesting. I got the flight plans today, and forwarded them to you guys. This week we had a lot of rain, and mud. The Paraguayans get into a grumpy mood when the winter starts up. ;) Well, really we just had a lot of door clapping, and whatever else we could think of to try and get into a door.

We found out a trick this week. It turns out that when people don’t answer on the first time of clapping, if you clap for a longer time the next time, they almost always come to the door. Now, as far as getting into the door, that’s a whole different story.

We found some pretty interesting people during the week. We clapped this one house, and a young guy answered, we asked if his parents were there, and he went to go get them. Then out came a Samurai looking man, with long hair and a long beard. He sat down with us, and started going off about how the United States was founded by the devil, and how they just pick on other countries to rob and plunder them. Then he told us that the US planned out the attack on the twin towers, and all this different stuff that he was pretty convinced about. He also told us about this new world organization that was planning on killing 80 percent of the world by vaccination. (good thing I never get vaccines.) finally we were able to get him off that subject, and on to the gospel. We started trying to share the Restoration, and he just said, OK, and you are trying to get to the fact that Joseph Smith was called of God to be a prophet, let’s just cut to the chase. Then he started going off on his religion. Some Israelite church or something like that. He then took the picture of Jesus Christ of the Sermon on the Mount, and explained to us that Jesus Christ had long hair, and a beard, and that it is the appearance of God. He told us that god requires us to have long hair and a beard like that (Ha, good thing I still can’t grow a beard even if I wanted to), and that Satan tries to get us not to, because when he was cast out of heaven, his beard and hair were cut off…… Then he started telling us that God has already come for the second time. Where you might ask? In Peru. Some guy that apparently claims to be God, his name is Ezekiel Jonas. Yeah, we basically just left, and never went back to that guy.

On Tuesday, we ate lunch with some members. They gave us beans, rice, salad, and stake (well as close as you can get to stakes here anyway). It was actually really, really good. My companion and I both ate not two, but three heaping plates of it. The next hour of walking was miserable while we were waiting for the food to be digested. It was definitely worth it though.

We have an investigator that is getting really close to the baptism. Oscar, the one that we have been teaching for a while now. He is really progressing now, and really making the changes in his life that he needs to so that he can be prepared to get baptized. We have had to drop a lot of different people due to their lack of interest, or lack of doing. It’s really sad to get so close to some of the people and then see them just fall due to the temptations of Satan.

My companion and I get along really well. He has a lot of really good desire to learn more and become a better missionary. He has been senior comp for the last couple changes, and so he is really excited to have an older comp and be able to learn some more stuff. We get along really well also, so it’s nice having that for my last companion.

Well, that’s about it for this week, Love you guys tons, and hope everything goes well this week. See ya.

Elder Ryan Griffin

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