02 August, 2011

Las Residentas

Well as you already know, I am now in a new area. My new area is named Las Residentas. It’s in Asunción, touching the area of the office. It is the only area in this Stake that is a branch, but it has about 60 active members. We have a ton of lunch appointments, and really good food here. There is even a pizza hut in our area. I think I will probably gain back all the weight I lost in Acahay. My new companion is an American. His name is Elder Graham, and is from Ohio. He only has one change in the mission, this is his second. There is a new training program in the missions that now is for 12 weeks, instead of the typical 6, so now I am training, but the last 6 weeks of training. With the new system, we have 2 hours of comp study, instead of the normal 1, and 1 hour of language study instead of 30 minutes. We also have a portable DVD player to watch the District meeting to train our companions. Also along with that, I now got assigned as a District Leader…. I was kind of hoping I would get away from that, but I’m sure the Lord called me as the DL for some good reason…. I just don’t know why. In my district, all three of our companionships are training, one of the trainers has 6 months, and the other has the same time as me, and came in my group. I don’t really know what I’m doing as the District Leader, but I know the Lord will help me with it, and whatever it is that he wants me to accomplish here. My companion is almost brand new, and his other trainer didn’t really train him. He didn’t know Spanish very well when I got here, but we´ve been speaking all day only in Spanish so he has been getting a lot better at speaking now. Unfortunately he doesn’t really know the investigators, or their needs or anything, so I pretty much have to get to know everything over again about them. The other Elder didn’t really put anything in the area book, so I don’t know like anything about the investigators more than what I ask them. Regardless of everything, I’m excited to be able to work here. There seems to be a lot of people that could possibly be baptized in a little while. We had 2 investigators that came to church on Sunday, and ended the week with 4 people that have a bap. date. The members here are all really cool, and help us a lot with the missionary work. It’s probably one of the best branches/wards that I have been in. I don’t have all that much to say about what has happened so far, but I’ll let you know more about the area and everything next week. I love you guys, and thank you for your constant support and Love for me. I hope everything goes well for you in this week. Elder Ryan Griffin

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