12 July, 2011

Closing Acahay?

Well this week has been a battle in a lot of senses. We have had a lot of trials here, but we are pushing through, and doing everything that we can. On Sunday it rained a little bit during church. We got there at 8, and nobody was there. We waited till 9:30 before the hermana Machuca got there with her grandson. After that we waited until 10:30 and nobody else came. We did the sacrament meeting with just 4 of us. I got be be the presiding authority.... fun fun. Anyway we did the sacrament, and my comp and I gave talks, and then we left at like 10:15. We are worried about the branch because the majority of the problem, is that nobody wants to come now that the storehouse is closed. It is really sad to see that there were so many that were just coming for the storehouse, instead of coming for the correct reasons. We had passed by two of the members houses, and they weren't there, so we know that they weren't just worried about going out in the rain. After church we went to a bunch of their houses and dropped the cane a little bit. We basically talked to all of them about why they were baptized, and the covenant that tehy made with god. We told them they can keep going to church for the food, but that is all they will gain, and will lose the eternal life if that’s the case. All of them that we visited said they will be coming next week, but they told us that last week as well. We had interviews on Wednesday, and I talked to the President about a lot of the problems we are having in our area. From what it sounds like, with the things that are going on he may be closing the area pretty soon. Unfortunately it makes it very inefficient to try and do missionary work when the members don’t even come to church. We will have to see what happens, but we don’t think it will go very well since we only had 4 people in church this Sunday. The interview was really good though, and I learned a lot like always from talking to the President. He told us to just keep working hard here, and do what we can. A lot of our investigators have fallen, or just not been progressing. We had one of our better investigators blow up on us on Saturday. He accused us of being spies, and told us that the US is paying us to be here. He may have been a little drunk, but pretty much let us know that he doesn’t want to be baptized. A bunch of our other investigators have just been impossible to find, or whatever else. We do have one family that is progressing a lot. It is a family of 7, 4 of which are older than 8. The parents read the part in 3 Nephi that we left for them, and had some really good questions about the baptism. They seem to have a sicere desire to be baptized, and we are working hard with them. Jose and Liliana know them, and were supposed to go by to pick them up for church.... but they didn’t even come. Kind of frustrating that we aren’t having any kind of help from the members. Anyway we are still working as hard as we can, it kind of hard to keep positive with everythign that is going on, but we are doing all that we can. I love you guys tons, and hope everyone is alright. I’ll talk to you next week. Elder Ryan Griffin

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