01 November, 2010

The rain becomes a blessing

Well it´s been a bitter sweet week.... there have been some ups and downs, but overall it has been really good.

We taught Rodney again, the one that i talked about in the last email. We arrived at his house this Saturday, and started talking to him. He wasn't really too intent on letting us try to come in and try to teach him. Luckily for us, we had the help of the Lord on our side..... it started raining, and when it rains here, it really rains. The streets are like rivers, quite fun trying to get home in after it has rained. Anyway, when it started raining he let us come in. We taught him about the Restoration, and found out he had read 10 chapters in the Book of Mormon starting in 3rd Nephi 11. This of course was a surprise, since usually we can't even get people to read two verses in between visits. Anyway, he had a doubt about the 21 chapter.... because it says something about that the people who don't accept the Book of Mormon will be destroyed. We talked to him about the fact that if poeple reject the gospel that they will be destroyed. We cleared a lot of questions up that he had, and overall it was a really good lesson.

We have been working this week with Hermano Pando and his family. He is one of the members that is actually willing to help us. He is constantly seeking to share the gospel with his neighbors, and friends. Unfortunately we have had trouble finding people at home still.

On Friday, the day started out perfectly clear. After a little while however, the skies started getting darker and darker. When it was about 5 it started raining, and since we didn't bring our umbrellas, we had to seek shelter in one of the members´ houses. We went to the house of the Tabel family, who are really helpful as well with the missionary work. Anyway, it started just pouring for about 30 minutes, and then literally out of nowhere, iceballs started falling from the sky, about the size of golfballs..... quite the weird experience. After a while of that, it finally stopped, and we got to walk through the rivers, i mean streets back to our house. About 2 minutes after we arrived, it started the downpour again.

This week we set 5 baptismal dates.... unfortunately none of them came to church. We had about 20 investigators that told us that they were going to come to church, and we had one actually show up. One of the baptismal dates that was for this week fell, because the investigator moved. Two of the others fell because they didn't attend church. The other two are still good because they already had there 3 times of going to church.

One of the dates we set is named Fransisco. His "señora" is a member that is less-active. He is the one that had the dream of his grandpa holding a Book of Mormon in his hands. Anyway it is difficult with him because he still has his wife, and they are still trying to get divorced, but it takes forever here in Paraguay. Also of course he has to get married before he can be baptized, so we are still praying and trying to figure out what to do with him. The problem right now as well, is that there is an election in here in Villa Elisa this next Sunday, and they are working for one of the candidates. The people here go all out for the elections of what is the equivelent of a mayor in the US.

Another one is named Victor Huesped. He had met with the missionaries before we found him. When we found him, he had recently been in a motorcycle accident. The Sunday before this last one, he attended church, but we didn't even see him, because it was the Stake conference. The problem with him is that he works a lot.

The other two are two daughters of parents that are members.... that are less active of course. They are a korean family... yes there are koreans here, and Germans as well.... I'm not sure why, but there are quite a bit of them. Anyway the two daughters want to be baptized, they are 16 and 14. The one that is 16 wants to be baptized, but has some kind of doubt.

Anyway, this week was a good week, thanks for all the support and the love! I love you all, and hope all goes well with you. Que le vaya bien!

-Elder Ryan Griffin
La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias

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