16 January, 2012


Well this week has been pretty interesting. On Monday I figured out we were having changes. Elder Stallings left to Asuncion and I stayed in the area. My new companion is Elder Richards from Snowflake Arizona. He has 2 changes in the mission now, starting his third right now. He comes from a family of...... you'll never guess...... 13!!! He has 10 brothers and sisters.  His parents actually got divorced, and his dad got re-married, and so he took his kids, and his step-mom has her kids, so they have a lot of kids. He has a brother that is in the mission in Ireland.

Well on Tuesday night I got to go to the terminal with my companion at about 12, and then did divisions with another elder. I got my new companion at about 6:30 or so on Wednesday, because he had to go and sign papers and stuff. We got back to our area, he unpacked a little bit, and then we went out to meet some of the members. Elder Richards is really cool, he actually already speaks Spanish pretty well, because he was trained by a latin, so that is a nice change, first companion in that speaks Spanish after 4 changes. He is still pretty young still, but he is a really good missionary. I think we are going to have a lot of success together here in our area.

When my other companion left, we had about 7 families, and like 20 investigators that we were teaching. From Wednesday, until Sunday, we only could find one of them in their house. It seemed like Satan was just working against us during the week or something. For some reason or another, we couldn't find any of them, and so none of the investigators came to church or anything. It ended up being a long couple of days, with tons and tons of walking, but we kept up our enthusiasm really well anyway. By Sunday i got a little bit frustrated because we had 5 days straight of not being able to find any of them. Regardless of the tough week, we really do have a lot of potential right now, and I think we will be seeing a lot of success in a little bit here.
On Sunday we taught a guy that was really hard hearted. We started talking to him, and he led the conversation toward that the catholic church was the only church that "Christ established." When he started talking about that we started explaining to him how Christ set up his church, with apostles and prophets. The I asked him what happens if you take out the foundation of a house, and he said, "it falls". Then I asked so what happens if you take out the foundation of the church, and again he replied it falls. Then We explained how the apostles and prophet were killed, and that the church fell, to which he replied, no, the church never falls, becuase I am here to lift it up. He talked more about how the pope is the current prophet that was given the authority from Peter. Then I we went into the difference in the timeline from Peter, and pope Constatine, and explained that there was a large lapse in between, which was when the apostacy had already started. We then got into the topic of prophets, and asked him for an example if he could see god, to which he replied yes. I asked, ok but can you actually talk to him face to face. He replied, yes, I talk to him face to face every day. We ended up just leaving the lesson..... The guy was kind of strange.
Today in the morning we went to the Cataratas de Monday (Waterfall of Monday) for a district activity. I took a ton of pictures, but I will be sending them to you next week probably. It was really fun though, and we even got to do a little bit of "rock climbing." Not really, but we did climb up and down some rocks to be able to get there, so that was kind of fun to be able to do.
Well, sorry for not doing a great letter this week, but there was just a lot of walking around, so there's not much more to explain. ;) Well, hope you guys are all good, and that the marriage and everything goes well. Love you guys tons, and I'll try and send you some pics next week. Oh yeah, and I have been buying some souveniers here and there. I still don't have a whole lot, but I don't know if this will be my last area or not, so I don't want to be stuck with too much stuff. Love ya.
Elder Ryan Griffin

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