05 December, 2011

Well this week we had changes. I got changed out of my area in las Residentas. I am now in a new area, in Cuidad del Este. The furthest east of Paraguay you can get. I am in an area called Hernandarias, I am in area 2. It is an area that is out in the boonies again, it is a lot more poor than in the my last area. My new companion is from Idaho, Mr. Papas (potatoes). No just kidding his name is Elder Stallings. He is a really big guy and he seems like a really good companion so far. We have been working really hard this week, and found a ton of new investigators in the week. He was trained by Elder Beckett (my MTC companion) and has the same time as my last companion (Elder Rodgers).

Our area here is really beautiful though. We have one of the biggest dams in our area. From what I hear it is the dam that produces the most electricity in the world. It is Called Itaipu. You can probably check it out on the internet. We also have a zoo, but it’s never open on Mondays, so I will probably never be able to see it…..

My new zone leaders are both younger than me. Elder Watson (old comp) was zone leader out here, but he dropped down to DL. Now it is two new ZL, Elder Clement, and my old companion Elder King. Elder King has 2 changes less than me, and Elder Clement has 4 less….. weird. A bunch of the elders in my group went down or just stayed the same. It will be cool doing divisions with my old companion though.

Well even though we are really close to the dam, we have had 3 days of power outage (ironic I know) I would think being so close to the energy, we wouldn’t have that problem, but apparently I was wrong. All the food we had bought and put in the fridge went bad, and turns out we can’t get it reimbursed….

I saw a family motorcycle this week. 6 people on one motorcycle….. and no it is not an extra large motorcycle. There were two kids on the front, and then the dad, and the mom on the back with two little kids on the lap (road trip anyone?) Well I guess you gotta do what you can to get from point A to point B, just try to limit the casualties….

We knocked one house with about 8 people outside. They all got up when we got to the gate, and all just went their separate ways into the house. Chinese Firedrill? Fortunately that wasn’t the story of the whole week, we actually found about 20 people, and found some really good investigators. My companion is a little newer, and so he couldn’t remember the area all that well, so I took advantage of all our walking around and talked to all the people sitting outside of their houses.

We talked to a man sitting in a chair outside his house that I asked how he knew the catholic church was true. His response: “Well because my preacher told me so.” Wow, that’s profound. Well for some reason most people really don’t understand the concept of maybe asking…. God? We have a lot of work to do out here to help people understand that you can ask God to know the truth. It’s really sad that most of them have grown up their whole lives just in confusion.
Our pension is a lot better than my last one (other than the electricity). The only problem, is that we don’t have any lunch appointments, besides on Saturday with one of the members. We have a country club thingy here that has a bunch of American products, like Hush puppies, Aeropostal, gap and stuff like that.

I am still District Leader out here, but I am finally not training, so that makes it a little easier. My companion however, wasn’t all that well trained, so he almost doesn’t even speak Spanish, so I am kind of still having to teach him everything, without being a trainer. My companion walks super slow….. I am used to walking really fast, because I’m not a person that likes to just waste time during the day, but my companion is kind of having a hard time, and is always wanting to walk slow to not “waste energy.” I have 8 people in my district still, and they all have a lot more time than my last district.
I am doing well, I’m excited to work in my new area. (and to buy souveneirs out here). I have some work to do with the companion, but as Paul McCartney said “All you need is love”.  I’ll be working hard out here, and I am praying that I can see some miracles in this area. 
Well, Love you guys tons, and I hope everything is going well with you. Talk to ya next week.
Elder Griffin

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