19 April, 2011

My First baptism

Well, this has been a good week here in Acahay. We had the baptism of Mirta, and it was the first time I have performed a baptism. It was pretty cool to be able to have my first time baptizing in a little river here. She was baptized and confirmed this week. She is the one that doesn’t talk, or hear, or read. I’m sure you can imagine how hard it was to try and teach her and interview her. Anyway, she left her boyfriend, and drinking so that she could be baptized, and has been coming to church every Sunday. It is amazing to see the faith of somebody like that. She can’t hear anything, but most important is that she can feel the spirit. It really was uplifting to me to learn that sometimes we don’t have to hear to be able to feel the spirit, and be edified as a person. Also this week, we had our priesthood and relief society class for the first time in this ward. We had to new people ordained to the priesthood. One being José that we recently baptized, and the other was a young man that is 16 years old. We now have 4 others in the priesthood, so it is really awesome seeing the improvement in the branch here were we are serving. On Monday my companion and I got our hair cut. It was a one dollar haircut (5 mil guarani), and quite possibly one of the worst haircuts I’ve had. Although, I think my companion got even worse. Luckily my hair doesn’t look all the bad when I put gel in it, but his is like a bowl cut. I got a package from Dana and Court. Tell them thanks for me! I’ll try to write them a letter, but it will take a couple weeks, so if you can tell them thanks for me it would be faster. On Sunday, we had a really good day. We found 8 new investigators, and taught 10 lessons. We found a lot of people that were really prepared by the lord, and we are really excited to be able to keep teaching them more, and see their progress in the gospel. I sent you some pictures of them, but as you can see, we found a lot of spider in this week. One night when we were opening up the door, I found that tarantula that you can see on the ground. The other tarantula was in our house, my companion threw some poison on it, but it ran behind a thing in our house that we can’t move, so we’re not sure if it actually died. Our house has a lot of little holes that bugs can come into, so we have a lot of crickets. Just about every night one of us wakes up and has to go cricket hunting so that we can actually sleep. Oh and don't worry, it's not our pet monkey. I am now feeling a lot better with my health. It’s really nice to get better from a sickness and all the sudden feel like I have a ton more energy. It makes it a lot easier to work the whole day, and not get so tired. Well, I love you guys tons. Thanks for all your support and advice, and love. I hope everything goes well with you guys, and that you always have the protection from the lord. My prayers are always with you. Love, Elder Griffin

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