29 June, 2010


The MTC is fantastic. I have two companions, Elder Beckett and Elder Nelson. There are 15 Elders going to Paraguay Asuncion that are here, 7 of which are in our district. We also have 4 elders who are going to Argentina. And yes, the Spanish is going fantastic, all the stuff that we have learned so far i have memorized, and i am starting to be able to speak more and more. Right now i can say prayers, contact people, introduce myself, and my companions, bear my testimony, say the purpose, and share a message all in Spanish.. I’ve probably memorized about 200 words since I’ve been here. Also my teachers names are Hermano Kress, and Hermana Lakip. They are both fantastic teachers. We taught our lesson for the first time yesterday, and it went really good, our companionship is really good at working in unity, and did really well. We still have a lot to work on of course, but we are learning a lot every day. Sometimes all the studying gets a little overwhelming, and people in the district just talk instead of studying, but our companionship has done really well at just leaving, and getting work done. We know that unless we put forth all of our effort, then we are not going to be able to learn the language.

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